Philip Emerson
Lead Pastor
(Father of the House)

Alain Emerson
Lead Pastor
(Team Leader. Tobar)

Dave Wylie
Lead Pastor
(Discipleship. Operations)

Mervin Johnston
Centre Manager / Community Pastor

Grant Martin
Youth Pastor

Tash Creaney
Communications & Ministry Coordinator

Nicola McIlwaine
Compassion Coordinator

Lynsey Martin
Kids & Family Pastor

Heather Marriott
Kids Pastor

Dixie Heasley
Street Evangelist & Youth Worker

Davy McMurray
Youth Worker

Katy McClune
Youth Worker

Hank Calvert
Facilities Co-ordinator / Caretaker

Gilly McCullough
Secretary / PA

Laura Wylie
Links Counselling Manager

Lenny Adamson
Finance Manager

Caroline Allen
Counselling Administrator