It is our heart to see the good news of the Kingdom of God engage people in our own town and nation, but also in all the nations of the world. While we annually send short term teams to different countries, the way in which we seek to effectively make a difference is by prayerfully and finically supporting mission partners who are already established in different countries.


wall_1391709349_indian-flagIndia – Our support in India is mainly connected to Pastor Jacob who has a desire to share the Gospel with the tribal people of India.  Our support goes toward the training of approx 40 Bible students who on completion of their studies go on to become Church Planters. This monthly support also helps feed elderly lepers daily who because of their disease are unable to beg anymore.

More recently we have developed links with OM India, working among the Dalit community (the ‘Untouchables’), who are the most broken and exploited people within the Indian caste system. We send teams on a regular basis, assisting with health care and other aspects of this transformational wholistic ministry. We want to continue to strengthen this partnership in serving some of the world’s poorest.


ugandaUganda – Since 2006, we have been working in a rural village called Jandira where we have partnered with Fields of Life to support our friend Pastor Richard. In that time we have helped to develop a primary school in the area, called Source of Light, and in 2008 began to build a secondary school called Light For All. To date there are approximately 200 students in each school. The secondary school and the relationships we have built in Jandira allow us to make this a much wider project of real sustainable development and enhanced community life. There is much work to be done so that ‘Light for All’ becomes an established and respected school that has a reputation for excellence and for nurturing young men and women of God, but we are so excited as we look to the future.



Albania – Emmanuel prayerfully and financially support our friends Akil and Lindita who have been pastoring a new church (Gospel of Christ Church) in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Over the last few years they have witnessed many people give their lives to Jesus, planted new churches in the city and developed a significant work amongst the poor of the city.



cambodiaCambodia – We have established strong relationships with “Daughters of Cambodia” and “Iris Ministries” who work amongst exploited and broken communities in Cambodia. We have supported these projects prayerfully, financially and sent teams over the past few years. It is our heart, to stand with our friends who serve here, to see an end to exploitation, particularly child sexual exploitation which has destroyed many lives and to see lives transformed with the good news of the Kingdom of God.


Unreached People Groups – As a church in 2015 we adopted the ‘Gujarati Shaikh’ – a Muslim unreached people group in Northern India. We are committed to praying for this people group and supporting those working among them.  Unreached people groups are communities who have no indigenous church established to be able to evangelise the rest of the community . We desire to see the Kingdom of God break into the lives of people from every tribe, nation and tongue.