At present, the discipleship culture which we wish to see embedded in church, is best framed under the title of “deep and wide”.  To do this we seek to to grow numerically, to see people saved and enter into the Kingdom family, but that we would challenge and invest in each other’s to live radical lives as disciples, which Jesus has called us to be.

To do this we have several “organised” discipleship environments, where teaching and personal investment will occur, with a desire to see people grow in their knowledge of God. Aside from Sunday gatherings, these main organised events include:

We recognise however, that discipleship happens best in “organic”, life on life ways. We therefore encourage all members of our family to grow as disciples of Jesus, but to actively live out the great commission, and invest in others and “make disciples of all nations”. We teach on the life of the disciple with the following shape:



Up – To grow in our identity as sons and daughters. Some simple tools we use for this include meditative prayer and reading.

In – We live in relationship by learning from spiritual mentors, doing life with close peers, and internationally investing in 2 or 3 others.

Out – We take take risks to engage with the broken world around us. We want to follow the example of Jesus by proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven, praying healing for the sick and seeking spiritual deliverance.