Pulpit Exchange – Chris Leech Sun 27th Jan 2013 am

Each year the ministers from several churches who make up the Christian Leaders Fellowship in the area do a pulpit exchange for a Sunday Morning, this Sunday we had the privilege of hosting Pastor Chris Leech from Upper Bann Vineyard for more info on his Church Please visit: www.upperbannvineyard.com

January 27, 2013

Living Tents – The Tabernacle Sun 20th Jan 2013 pm

Our TRUE Sunday nights continue this new season with a series called “Living Tents” a study on the Tabernacle, Speaker Alain Emerson Sun 20th Jan 2013 pm

January 21, 2013

Kingdom Transformation Covenants – Sun 20th Jan 2013 am

Philip Emerson continues our “Rewriting the story of our city” Vision by looking at Kingdom Transformation Covenants – Sun 20th Jan 2013 am

Vision Sunday – 13th January

Philip Emerson talks through the vision for Emmanuel Church looking forward into the next year.

January 17, 2013

Fear-of-the-Lord – Sunday 6th January Morning

Alain Emerson brings a message on the truth behind the term ‘fear-of-the-Lord’ Sunday 6th January 2013 Morning