The Messiah (1) – 8th October 2017 pm

The Messiah (1) Dave Wylie begins our new series, the Messiah. Tonight we look at the prophecies that were made in the Old Testament and the wisdom of God as he progressively revealed the Saviour to the world. God is still revealing His plans and purposes for our lives today. 8th October 2017 pm

October 12, 2017

Prophets and Priests (2) – Sunday 8th October 2017 am

Prophets and Priests (2) Today, Alain Emerson continues our prophets and priests series, laying a foundation of how God wants to fill the whole earth with His presence, and renewing our minds to think like Jesus thinks about our City! 8th October 2017 am

The Table (4) – 1st October 2017pm

The Table (4) – Philip Emerson Tonight Phil concludes our series by unpacking the story of Mephibosheth and looking at the space at the table for others. The Table (4) – 1st October 2017 pm

October 3, 2017

Prophets and Priests (1) – 1st October 2017am

Prophets and Priests (1) This morning Alain Emerson introduces our new series, Prophets and Priests, understanding what it means to think that Jesus does! Prophets and Priests (1) – 1st October 2017 am

The Table (3) – Home for Good – 24th September 2017 pm

The Table (3) – Home for Good Tonight Krish Kandiah from Home for Good continues our Table series by unpacking the issue of fostering and adoption and looking at the heart of God which creates space at the table for others. The Table (3) – Home for Good – 24th September 2017 pm

September 25, 2017

Family/Youth Update – 24th September 2017 am

Family/Youth Update This morning Dave Wylie and Grant Martin share some of the goals for our church family in how we engage with the emerging generations, seeking to see them live fully as disciples who live out the great commission in their lives and filled with the Holy Spirit Family/Youth Update – 24th September 2017 am

The Table (2) – Sunday 17th September 2017 pm

The Table (2) Tonight Dave Wylie continues our theme by exploring what is at the table, and what is the inheritance for all believers, not just in the life to come, but as we live now as sons and daughters of God. The Table (2) – 17th September 2017 pm

All in Sunday – 17th September 2017 am

All in Sunday This morning we follow on from Vision Sunday, by looking at practical ways of responding and offering opportunities to pray, serve, give and live. All in Sunday – 17th September 2017 pm

The Table (1) – Sunday 10th September 2017 pm

The Table (1) Tonight Dave Wylie begins our new series, The Table, by exploring our identity as Sons and Daughters, adopted into the family, and that there is a place for us at the table to fully own and live into each day in our lives. The Table (1) – 10th September 2017 pm

Vision Sunday – Sunday 10th September 2017 am

Vision Sunday This morning Alain Emerson and Dave Wylie share vision both for the long term (3-5years) and short term (3-6 months) for us as a church family. Vision Sunday – 10th September 2017 am