Deep and Wide (35) – 23rd July 2017 am

  Alain Emerson (23rd July) – Acts 15 (The Apostolic Council); Alain shares what happens when Leaders make mature decisions that encourage and catalyse the unfolding of the great commission. Deep and Wide (35) – 23rd of July 2017 am

July 23, 2017

Deep and Wide (34) – 16th July 2017 am

Philip Emerson (16th July) The Apostle Paul went on three pioneering missionary journeys, followed by a trip to Rome. His first missionary journey, most likely in the years AD 47 – 49, started in Syria and took him to Cyprus and Asia Minor.  Today Philip is looking at that journey with Barnabas and John Mark, who […]

July 17, 2017

Deep and Wide (33) – 9th July 2017 am

Alan Emerson (9th July) This morning Alan looks at the significance of the Barnabus in the spread of the gospel and the need for a Barnabus ministry in the church today. Deep and Wide (33) – 9th July 2017 am

July 10, 2017

The Lord’s Prayer (1) – 2nd July 2017 pm

Dave Wylie (2nd July) – Adoration Tonight Dave kicks off our new series by looking at the topic of “Adoration” and the fact that prayer is based on relationship. If prayer is not relational then it is religious, and Jesus primarily teaches his disciples to pray from a position of being sons and daughters of God. The […]

July 3, 2017

Deep and Wide (32) – 2nd July 2017 am

Phil and Alain Emerson (2nd July) This morning we looked at Acts 13 to explain some of the  significant changes and developments which are happening with emmanuel Church Lurgan. Deep and Wide (32) – 2nd July 2017 am

Deep and Wide (31) – 25th June 2017 am

Philip Emerson (25th June) – Today Philip looks at the power of an eternal God and what happens when we have an eternal perspective.  At the beginning of Acts 12, we have James dead, Peter in prison, and the tyrant Herod basking in his popularity and power.  At the end of the chapter, we have Peter […]

June 27, 2017

Andrew Selley – 18th June 2017 am

Andrew Selley shares on WORSHIP. We find freedom in worship, and we ought to worship God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength. Something happens when we engage the heart of the Father in worship.   Andrew Selley 18th of June

June 20, 2017

Jason Scott – 11th June 2017 pm

Jason shares on how the church should be impacting its community, and how we should be living a life of risk.   Jason Scott 11th of June

Deep and Wide (30) – Philip Emerson – 11th June 2017 am

This week we carry on into the second part of Acts 11.  Emphasis on the five-year gap between verse 18 & verse 19.  God was on the move to bring His gospel to the world but was having a job convincing the Jews.  As we see the first Gentile church established today we will look at how […]

Pentecost – Rick Preston – 4th June 2017 pm

Rick Preston – Pentecost Sunday, when we celebrate the church being birthed.  The necessity of being empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit as we take the gospel to the nations.