Mission Sunday – 27th August 2017 pm

  Missions report (27th August)  pm Tonight we hear stories of how we have been engaging as a church in unfolding the great commission and sharing the gospel in Lurgan (Jerusalem), through Tobar (Judea, Samaria) and Bulgaria/Cambodia (outermost parts of the earth) Mission Sunday – 27th August 2017 pm

September 25, 2017

Mission Sunday – 27th August 2017 am

Brad & Pam  – Missions Sunday – 27th August 2017 am This morning Brad and Pam come to share with church about the work amongst the unreached people group we have adopted as a church in South Asia. Mission Sunday 2017 am – 27th August 2017 am

The Lord’s Prayer (6) – 20th August 2017 pm

The Lord’s Prayer (6) – Warfare Dave concludes our series tonight by looking at the final line of this prayer “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. Tonight Dave uses it to teach us on the issue of spiritual warfare. The Lord’s Prayer (6) – 20th August 2017 pm

August 20, 2017

The Lord’s Prayer (5) – 13th August 2017 pm

As we continue our series on the Lord’s Prayer, tonight Dave looks at “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”.  In this radical approach, Jesus leads us to understand that forgiveness is not something which needs someone to ask for, but is something which is freely given.   Dave Wylie […]

August 14, 2017

Deep and Wide (38) – 13th August 2017 am

Philip continues on in the series with the apostle’s third missionary campaign, ending in Jerusalem, as he, in the company of the other brethren (Acts 20:4) brought to the holy city a contribution for the poor of that region.  Paul was happily embraced by the brothers in Jerusalem, but they presented him with a problem. […]

Lords prayer (4) 6th August 2017 pm

Ryan and Tara focus on petitionary prayer and what it means to pray “God give us this day our daily bread.”  In order to petition God we need to know what our daily bread represents and why it is so necessary.  We need to petition God in a humble yet faithful manner and allow it […]

Deep and Wide (37) – 6th August 2017 am

Alain continues on in our Deep and Wide series and encourages us to learn the key patterns that emerged from Paul’s missionary journey as the gospel penetrated Europe. Alain Emerson (6th August) Deep and Wide (37) – 6th August 2017 am

The Lords Prayer (3) – 30th July 2017 pm

Alain Emerson (30th July)  – Alain continues on in our Lord’s Prayer theme; “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  The power of Persevering Prayer.   The Lord’s Prayer (3) – 30th of July 2017 pm

July 30, 2017

Deep and Wide (36) – 30th July 2017 am

Alan Emerson (30th July) Text to follow… Deep and Wide (36) – 30th of July 2017 am

The Lords Prayer (2) – 23rd July 2017 pm

Tash Creaney (23rd July) – Tash continues our Lord’s Prayer Theme looking at “Intercession” and how we have the privilege of asking for the Kingdom of God to come on behalf of other people, places and situations. The Lords Prayer (2) – 23rd of July 2017 pm

July 23, 2017