Deep and Wide (28) – 28th May 2017am

Deep and Wide (28) – The witness of the gospel This morning Dave begins the 3rd phase of the growth of the church, by exploring Acts 10 and seeing how the gospel was carried to the Gentiles. Today we recognised that way the church grows, is by everyone recognising that they have been called to […]

May 29, 2017

Worship (3) Dave Wylie 21st May 2017

Worship (3) Dave Wylie 21st May 2017 Dave concludes the worship series by looking at “the experience of worship” which is available to all worshippers. Worship (3) Dave Wylie 21st of may

May 21, 2017

Pete Grieg 21st of May AM

Pete Grieg 21st of May AM     Pete Grieg 21st of May AM

Worship Series (2) 14th May 2017 David Wylie pm

Worship Series (2) Tonight Dave continues our worship series by looking at the engagement or style of worship. Worship Series (2) 14th May 2017 David Wylie pm

May 14, 2017

Deep and Wide (27) 14th May 2017 Alain Emerson

Deep and Wide (27) Unpacking the key learning points from Phase 2 of the Spontaneous Expansion of the Church, and in particular looking at the ‘Scattered Church’ and how the gospel seeded itself in new territories. Deep and Wide (27) – 14th May  2017 am

Worship (1) 7th May 2017 PM

Worship (1) 7th May 2017 pm Dave Wylie tonight begins our series on worship by looking at “the heart of worship”. Tonight we look at how it is by worshiping that we step into the fullness of our identity and what we were created to do. Worship (1) 7th may 2017

May 7, 2017

Deep and Wide (26) 7th of May 2017 AM

Deep and Wide (26) 7th may 2017 Alain Emerson concludes ‘Phase 1’ of the Spontaneous Expansion of the Church by contrasting the Religious Spirit with a genuine move of the Spirit of God. Deep and Wide (26) – 7th May  2017 am

Deep and Wide (24) 23rd of April

Deep and Wide (24) The subject of SUPERNATURAL BOLDNESS in Peters life. Today we look at Acts 3 where Peter and John heal the lame man at the temple. This was an act of supernatural healing… Let’s hit our beliefs on healing up front as sometimes we question why we aren’t seeing the abundance of […]

April 23, 2017

Kingsley Armstrong – 16th April 2017am

Kingsley Armstrong The Theme is ‘Keep Walking’ Exodus 14:15 Moses was told to ‘Walk On’ 1 Samuel 20:38 David was told to ‘Walk Away’ 2 Kings 4:35 Elisha was ‘Walking Alone’ Matthew 14:29 Peter could have ‘Kept Walking’ Luke 24:13-27 The Disciples on the Road to Emmaus ‘Walked with Him’ kingsley Armstrong – 16th April […]

April 16, 2017

Holiness that hurts the eyes (9) – 9th April 2017 pm

Holiness that hurts the eyes (9) Dave Wylie finishes our series on holiness by exploring how we should be disciplined and the results of it. Tonight we conclude the study in 1 peter by exploring our identity in Jesus, and the call to humble ourselves to him in all areas of our lives. Holiness that […]

April 11, 2017