Servant King – 22nd July 2018 pm

‘Servant King’ – 22nd July 2018 – Ryan Osbourne continues with our journey through the Gospel of Mark – Jesus sending out the Twelve apostles

July 22, 2018

Servant King – 22nd July 2018 am

‘Servant King’ – 22nd July 2018 – David Wylie continues with our journey through the Gospel of Mark – Jairus‘ Daughter and the Woman Who Touched Jesus’ Cloak

Servant King – 15th July 2018 am

This morning Alan continues on with the series “Servant King”

July 15, 2018

Servant King – 8th July pm

‘Servant King’ – 8th July 2018 – Tash Proctor.  Parable of the Sower –  Jesus says that the seed is the message of the kingdom; the obvious point of this parable is that’s God’s Word is intended to penetrate us to grow in and through us and produce a great harvest.

July 8, 2018

Servant King – 8th July am

‘Servant King’ – 8th July 2018 – Philip Emerson. Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. Today we tackle FOUR HUGE QUESTIONS… Is there an unforgivable sin? Is there a sin that you can commit once, and thereby ruin any chance you ever may have for salvation? Can it be committed today? Could I have committed it […]

Servant King – 1st July pm

‘Servant King’ – 1st July 2018 – Tara McIlwaine.  Tonight Tara continues on with the series “Servant King”.  Mark 1:21-2:12.  In Mark’s Gospel we read about Jesus healing many people despite facing resistance from Teachers of the Law. Jesus had a sovereign authority to heal, simply because he was the Son of God. How can we […]

July 1, 2018

Servant King – 1st July 2018 am

‘Servant King’ – 1st July 2018 – Philip Emerson. Today we begin a series called the SERVANT KING on Mark’s gospel account. Mark is one of the Synoptic Gospels, it is the shortest of the four Gospels and likely the first, or earliest to be written. It illustrates who Jesus is as a person with vivid […]

Kingsley Armstrong – 24th June am

‘Breakfast by the Sea’ – 24th June 2018 – Kingsley Armstrong.  Kingsley shares from John 21, looking at the character of John.  The chapter is divided into three main points.  1.  Jesus can still do what He has always done.  2. Jesus does not need what we have to provide for us.  & 3.  Jesus […]

June 24, 2018

Phil Emerson – Walk the Line – 17th June pm

‘Walk the Line’ – 17th June 2018 – Philip Emerson.   WELCOMING THE STRANGER – We want to be a church that’s different. We want to accept people not because of their social class, their ethnic group, the colour of their skin or their belief system that they’ve grown up in.  We want to bring them in […]

June 18, 2018

Dave Wylie – 17th June 2018 am

This Morning Dave Wylie Speaks to  us.